Crochet Warrior Dress with Unique Knit Cable Back


A chunky intertwining of yarns knitted into thick cables framing and shape your breast while the lacey crochet stitches are romantically woven in and out forming an alluring dress, only dreams are made of. Cross your heart comes to mind as the design flows across your bodice. . . you might say as the cables weave thru the front of the dress, traveling down to a sexy form fitting and revealing lacy skirt... Wear it as you may or add a muted nude slip for monotone lovers or a contrasting piece to liven a layered look with a turtleneck, tights topped off with sexy boots! As you walk away you leave them with an unforgettable goodbye as the intricate artistry of the knit cables sets the stage for a very sexy open back design. Only full figures need apply for this dress as it full figures ever so lovingly!

Fits XL

*Arm Warmers Sold Separately.

Acrylic/ Wool Blend

Hand Wash Warm Water Dry Flat or Dry Clean