Shimmer Me Mermaid Gown


Black Shimmery sheer black netting brilliantly brought to life with rich metallic threads to create a beautiful stretch fabric which was used to create this form fitting modernized mermaid gown finished off with 4 layers of colorful tulle to compliment the brilliance of the colors coming thru the bodice of the gown. A great traveling garment for those special out of town functions, as you only need to roll, pack and hang in the bathroom to smooth out as you shower allowing the steam to release any wrinkles in the tulle...but honestly that only adds more character to this fabulous show stopper design. * Can be altered to per personal request via email, once details

Shown on size 4 model True Fit 6-8
Breast 34 - 35, Waist 30 - 32, Hips 37 - 40