Skirted Wide Leg Lace Lounge Pant


Shimmering Chantilly Extra Wide Legged Lace Bottoms feature a flirty layering skirt with just enough length to keep it sexy and still provide a little bit of coverage in all the right places. The skirt gives these rich white and silver metallic lace pants a special touch of attention to your silhouette accentuating the hips ever so playfully. This special Chantilly Eyelash French Lace comes directly from a supplier in Turkey that I have come to trust for some of the most special laces I have used to date. Trust me the pictures do not provide the happiness you will experience, once you feel and touch the lightness of the lace. The elastic waist provides ease comfort for putting on and taking off as I created with the idea of making sexy carefree laying pieces to wear over swimsuits or leisurely at home...

Off White/Metallic Silver

Hand Wash In Warm Water & Hang to Dry. No Bleach.

Fits 30'- 44" Hips 60" Out Seam 41"