Going Green - Upcycled Denim

Various treasured jeans were used to create this playful gigantic floral abstract recycled denim gown with lace accents.  On average 10 - 12 pair of jeans can be used to create a gown of this magnitude to achieve the color variations using the natural patterns/ treatments of each jean to create the unique looks so many love.  

Clients are welcomed to donate their beloved jeans pulled from the depth of their closets to be used with our gently loved denim collection or we will totally use our collections we get from donations, local thrift store finds and our own collections of beloved denim stash.  

You will be provided with a detailed measuring chart to obtain a most admired and well tailored gown of distinction.  You can have a friend or family member help you with your measurements, go to a local cleaners or we can arrange a zoom meeting to walk you thru the process to get the exact body measurements. 

General turn around time for designs of this nature will be from 3-4 months in advance of the desired delivery date.  

Cotton, Ribbon 
& Lace 
Fits size 4-6       $800.00Recycled Denim Gown
Dry Clean  or   Wash Inside Out  
 Gentle Cycle    ColdWater
                                                                  $800.00 -  *$1000.00
* Custom orders / original price